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FREE Webinar Growth Calculator...

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Josh and Jill Stanton

$293,000 in 4 Day with 7x ROI

Lindsay Mustain

"We saw an 80% increase in show up rates the first time we used Paul's methods"

Dom Brown

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John Lee Dumas and Kate Erikson

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Greg Atkins

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People we have worked with

John Lee dumas
EOFire Podcast Host / 1,000,000+ Monthly Listeners/ #1 KBB Affiliate
Pete Vargas
8 Figure Business, One of the most connected people in the speaking circuit
Ray Higdon
FHL Speaker 2019 / 8 Figure award winner
Screw The 9 to 5
Major Affiliates who Regularly do 6 figure launches / Hosting Live Event with Amy Porterfield, James Wedmore and Pat Flynn.
Gabe Schillinger
FHL Speaker 2020 / Two Comma Club Winner for selling Beats Onlin
Builds and Interviews We have Done Live on Build My Bot Friday
Marley Jaxx
Youtube Video Expert / 10x Stephen Larsen's View Time/ FHL Speaker
Akbar Sheikh
7 Figure Coach/Copyrighter/TEDX speaker/ Make more Give more Movement
Ryan Margolin
8 Figure Award Winner/ Multimillionare
Kim Barrett
7 Figure Sales Business/ Closed $600,000 in less than a week from cold calling
Travis Chappell
Host of Build My Network Podcast/ Interviewed Some of The Biggest Names Including Grant Cardone

Proven To Increase Online Course & Webinar Conversion Rates

Our C-COM System is proven to improve conversions and reduce overall cost per acquisition.  Successful online course creators rely on us and we are passionate about serving them with white glove service where high level strategy meets technical expertise.

We turn your leads into conversations and those conversations in customers using a 80% human like experience and 20% human experience, so you can close more sales and reduce customer support time.  Our fully scalable solution allows you to generate more customers and maximise every lead opportunity, via our multi channel approach, without having to hire or fire extra staff or worry about growing pains.

More success stories

Got Results From Their Webinar In The First Hour of Going Live
122% Increase in Conversion Rate
$77K increase in two months
$0.08 per webinar registration
over $1 million on $1.92 per click
Reduced cost per acquisition by 105%
Almost 50% email open rate
Bridesmaid Dress Business got Over 1000 subscribers in a month turn into $16,000 in sales
average customer lifespan increased to 50 days
16% conversion on live webinar
3 new clients from one strategy call
13% conversion on live webinar
copy for marketing campaign
$121,000 in 14 days With $150 in Ads
79% gave their phone number
William got over 500 targeted leads for free
Clients, customers love it!
11% conversion on live webinar
82% webinar optin
fergal Doubled His conversion rate in under 30 minutes
Cost per click to webinar registration Page $0.04!
Our clients customers love it too! (making dreams happen)
This challenge kept me engaged the whole time. I feel a million times more ready than i ever have before
You ran the best challenge I have ever seen
$0.06 per click with a 26% CTR! 
Waaaayy better than anything I have ever seen through email Marketing!
4600+ Comments 232 shares Organically
Never seen anything like it in my entire life, Completely blown away!
Many Happy Customers
Blown Away By The Value
Made $3500 after 1 Training
Paul Ace is the best in the Biz
You clearly care about what happens during launch.
One of the most brilliant marketing minds In the digital Marketing Space
80% Show Up Rate On A Webinar
100% open rate on a 5 day challenge
93% CTR in e-com
Optin Rate has Grown By Over 400%
C-Com Is Fun Too!
29 people in the bot Funnel=$597 
From 18% Show Up Rate To 44%
$0.03 per opt-in
Reduced Booked Call Cost by 500%
15% Of People Bought
78% Giving Phone Number
Reduced Booked Call Cost by 500%

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